Precise trimming, low sound
The sound of the whole machine is reduced by at least 6dB, lower noise; The force of thread trimming and presser foot lifting is doubled, thread trimming is more precise; Longer service life and more durable; Thread trimming and presser foot lifting respond faster and more efficiently.


High speed, high efficiency
Highest speed can reach to 5500 rpm,from 0 to highest speed only take 200ms,easy and fast to operate, with auto trimming and presser foot lifter guarantee the high efficiency and output.


From light to heavy duty, beautiful stitches
Suit for cylindrical fabric,smoothly sewing from light to heavy duty with beautiful stitches, no fabric gathering even for yarn sewing.


Egy gomb a visszaállításhoz, egyszerű kezelés
Egy gomb a gyári beállítások visszaállításához, humanizáltabb.


BRUCE Industry Sewing Machines

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