R4000 High Speed Computerized Lockstitch Machine With Electronic Control Stitch Length System

High precision stitch
Stitch length can reach 0.1mm controlled by stepping motor. Stitch length adjustment function can be locked just in case operator's mis-operation.
  Noiseless reverse sewing, quiet and comfortable
Stepping motor controlled reverse sewing structure by scientific design achieves noiseless reverse sewing, which enables a quiet and comfortable environment
Short thread remaining, no need to trim again
No need to trim thread remaining again, which avoids trimming risks and save labour, time and money.
  For light and heavy materials, Stitch beautiful
For light and heavy materials: Optimized take-up structure And needle bar stroke, Enlarge sewing range, Its easy to sew From 2 layers mesh to 16 layers jeans
Variable stitches, fashionable and beautiful
Different sewing stitch is available based on different clothes requirements. And editable pattern enables more fashionable and beautiful stitches.
  Auto presser foot lifter, Save Energy, High efficiency
Built-inside presser foot lifter, Quick responding by pedal, Save energy, High efficiency
Double size big hook
One time winding, Longer sewing, higher efficiency.


BRUCE Industry Sewing Machines

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