X5S Thickness Adjustable Power Saving Overlock Machine

Thickness adjustable freely, wider range of adaptation
X5S is equipped with Bruce patented technology, easily convert from light, medium to heavy materials. Meet different orders change like mesh, knitting denim etc.
  Super quick response for start-brake, high efficiency
Response time improved 45%, from 0 to 5500 rpm only need 150ms, brake response time can control within 350ms.
Efficiently oil control, clean sewing
Enclosed needle bar and feedbar special seal design, efficiently blocks oil- leakage and ensure clean sewing.
  High-low voltage protection, safe operation
Automatic shutdown when the voltage is continuously higher than 274V, protect machine; smart design panel, easy to learn and use.
One Main Shaft driving, stable and reliable
Reduce machine torque, make the sewing fast, stable and durable.


BRUCE Industry Sewing Machines

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