R6000 Digital Feeding Smart Lockstitch Machine

Digital feeding, suitable for different thickness fabrics
Bruce patent digital feeding technology, four locus type can be freely selected on the control panel, which can easily sew different fabrics.
  Intelligent recognition of fabric, smooth for cross stitch sewing and no thread breaking
When sewing on cross stitch , the machine can intelligently recognize it, and quickly feedback the signal to the control system to increase the motor torque, and automatically switch the feeding mode, thereby improving the machine's ability for thick fabric, and no skip stitche, thread breakage, and stitch stacking problem.
Larger sewing space, wide adaptability
The sewing space is 305mm, which is 40mm larger than the ordinary lockstitch machines. Even large fabrics such as down jackets, cotton jackets, and suits can be easily sewn.
  Short remaining thread tail, no need cutting thread tail
The thread tail after sewing is only 3.5mm, no need to cut the thread tail, saving labor.
Sealed oil pan, oil-free and trouble-free
Sealed oil pan technology is adopted at the bottom to avoid contamination of oil by impurities such as thread wool and rags, and no oil will be spilled when the machine is moved.
  Accurate stitch length, even stitch
The stitch length can reach 0.1mm controlled by stepping motor , and can set the password to lock the stitch length to ensure the stitches dense and consisten.


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