R5E Computerized Lockstitch Machine With Electronic Control Stitch Length System

High precision stitch
Needle gauge differences can reaches 0.1mm when controlled by step motor. Needle gauge can be locked according to users' demands to avoid freely adjustment.
  High stitch overlapping ratio
Overlapping stitch can be perfectly realise in any stitch length, front and back thread remaining lock function is available.
Variable stitches, fashionable and beautiful
Different sewing stitch is available based on different clothes requirements. And editable pattern enables more fashionable and beautiful stitches
  Noiseless reverse sewing, quiet and comfortable
Step motor controlled reverse sewing structure by scientific design achieves noiseless reverse sewing, which enables a quiet and comfortable environment.
Noiseless reverse sewing, quiet and comfortable
Nem kell újra vágni a maradék cérnát, így elkerülhető a vágási kockázatok, és munkaerőt, időt és pénzt takaríthat meg.
  Super USB plug
Innovated USB can not only charge, also it can run fan and upgrade software


BRUCE Industry Sewing Machines

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