R4200 High-speed Stepping Motor Computerized Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Accurate stitch length and even stitch
Step motor control the stitch length, the adjustment accuracy of the stitch can reach 0.1mm, and the password can be set to lock the stitch length to ensure that the stitches are dense and consistent.
  Back seam is silent, quiet and comfortable
Using advanced stepping technology, there is no noise when knocking down the seam, giving you a quiet and comfortable working environment.
Step motor control presser foot lifting, height adjustable
The presser foot is lifted by step motor. The operator can directly adjust the height of the presser foot in the operation panel according to the thickness of different fabrics and process requirements. The height is adjustable and ranges from 0 to13mm.
  Short thread tail, no need extra trimming
The thread tail is only 3.5mm after sewing, no need to extra trimming , saving labor.
The stitches can be variety of patterns
The operator can choose different patterns according to the requirements of the clothing craftsmanship, and can edit the desired pattern.
  Voice navigation, USB port
The whole series is equipped with voice navigation, with voice guidance at every step, which is easy to operate; and it is also equipped with a USB port, which can be used for charging and software upgrades.


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