BRC-T781G Buttonhole machine

Mechatronics,easy To Install
Driven by servo motor, it has low vibration, low noise, high efficiency production performance and excellent sewing quality.
  Auto Lifting And Trimming,EnergySaving And Efficient
With automatic presser foot lifting and automatic thread trimming functions, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
Dot Panel, easy Operation
With patterns and parameter display functions, no need to consult the manual, easy to operate, you can freely set the number of soft start needles, dynamically observe and adjust the machine running speed, and the operation is easier.
  Wide Rang Of Applications,Beautiful Stitches
BRC-T781GK is equipped with a special knitting dedicated presser foot, a small needle plate and afeeding plate. For high-elestic fabics it also can hold down and sew beautiful stitches.This machine more suituable for knitting material with lower thread breakage rate.
Short Thread Remaining, No NeedThread Timmer Again
Thin woven material equipped with short thread remainning presser foot,a needle plate and feeding plate,by changing the thinkness of the small needle plate to keep the remain thread within 3mm.Then the factory can reduce the cost of thread cutting workers; reduce enterprise costs and increase profitability.
  Bottom Thread Detection
When the bobbin thread margin is insufficient(after sewing the current buttonhole), stop in time.
Automatic Counting Function
It can automatically record the number of keyholes for easy counting and quick verification.


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