B6000 Thick And Thin Intelligent Adaptation Overlock Sewing Machine

Automatic adjust three-levels, suitable for all kinds of fabrics
The control panel can directly select the following modes: Automatically adapt to match the thickness of the fabric. Suitable for sewing thin fabrics, such as net yarn material, chiffon material, etc. Suitable for sewing conventional medium and heavy materials, such as T-shirts, jackets, etc. Suitable for sewing thick materials, such as denim sweaters, clothing, etc.
  Super fast speed, doubled efficiency
It only takes 0.12s to start sewing to the maximum speed, and only 0.18s to brake to stop. The start-stop efficiency is increased by 14.3%; and the operating speed can reach 6000 rpm, which provides a lot of work.
The raw material operation space increased by 55%, and the material is not scraped when the material is discharged from the seam
The fabric height space is increased from 4.2mm to 6.5mm, the space is increased by 55%, and 6-8 layers of denim or ultra-thick knitted fabrics are placed in the seam without scraping.
  Full servo control, easier to operation
One-key adjustment of presser foot and tooth height, digital display, easy to find the most comfortable position for sewing.
Automatic recognition of fabrics, smooth climbing over multiple
Intelligent recognition of the fabric, automatic detection of the thickness of the fabric, automatic speed reduction when sewing the multi-layer fabric, strong climbing force, and smoother sewing.


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