BRC-952E High Speed Automatic Overlock Machine

Sensor for automatic sewing


Automatic Thread Trimming and Automatic Presser Foot Lifter.

Easy to operate


The panel is written both in Chinese and English. The max. speed is 7000PRM, increase efficiency 35%-100%.

  Heavy and light materials can be sewing smoothly


Heavy And Light Materials can be Sewing Smoothly.

Manual trimming switch


When auto trimming or trimming not well, press manual trimming button can easily trimming thread.

  Sensor to avoid cutting fabric


Accurately Thread Cutting and 100% Avoid Cutting Fabric.

LED light


3 Levels Brightness of the LED and Easy to Adjust.

  Three-dimensional protection



Three safety switch: presser foot switch, sewing plate switch and needle bar switch, provide whole process protection.



BRUCE Industry Sewing Machines

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